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Careers in massage therapy are deeply rewarding, offering the satisfaction of knowing that one’s work helps others live life more fully. Licensed massage therapists are health professionals and play essential roles in the healing process. Our intensive one-year training programs equip our students to test successfully for licensure. [Read More] The benefits of massage therapy are well documented in medical literature. Massage relieves stress, improves circulation, increases joint flexibility, releases chronic muscular tension, reduces blood pressure and relieves headaches.  [Read More] Massage therapists benefit greatly from continuing their education, learning new methods based on the latest discoveries in the field of massage therapy.  Explore our continuing education courses and expand your practice and knowledge.  [Read More]
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Friday Jul 29, 2016
Monthly Meditation Group 1.5 CE Hours $10 - Open to the Public   

Instructor: Holly Pinto, BS, LMT, BCTMB Friday 12-1:30pm.  This is a meditation circle that will meet once a month. This is a self-care group where your attention will be on yourself. More Details

Saturday Jul 30, 2016
Treating Clients with Asthma - 4 hours $110   

Instructor: Holly Pinto, BS, LMT, BCTMB; Saturday 9-1:30pm. In this short course therapists will learn functional breath releases and deep tissue release work to the intercostal muscles, serratus muscles, pectoralis major and minor. In addition breath work will explored to encourage diaphragmatic breathing in your clients.

Sunday Jul 31, 2016
Professional Ethics of Touch; Healthy Boundaries, Conflict Resolution   

6 CE hrs Instructor: Holly Pinto, BS, LMT, BCTMB (9-3pm) $125; Students will explore the various situations that may arise in the therapeutic relationship between client and practitioner. Through case study, role playing, and self-examination students will develop skills to manage situations regarding boundary issues, personality conflicts, transference, counter-transference, diversity, and appropriate relationships as they relate to the massage profession.

Tuesday Aug 2, 2016
Active Isolated Stretching-Neck and Shoulders-6 CE hrs $150   

Instructor: Tammy Bivin, LMT; Tuesday 9-3pm. In this seminar we will discuss the principles and benefits of stretching as well as the dangers of improper stretching. Students will learn from a hands-on approach the effects that stretching has on muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints as well as knowledge for treating clients and self-care for the therapist


Thursday Aug 4, 2016
Level 6 - Biodynamic Work with the CVS-26 CE hrs $395   

Instructor: Dr. Michael Shea / Thursday- Saturday 9-5pm, Sunday 9-3:30pm. Graduation! Must have attended previous classes

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