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Careers in massage therapy are deeply rewarding, offering the satisfaction of knowing that one’s work helps others live life more fully. Licensed massage therapists are health professionals and play essential roles in the healing process. Our intensive one-year training programs equip our students to test successfully for licensure. [Read More] The benefits of massage therapy are well documented in medical literature. Massage relieves stress, improves circulation, increases joint flexibility, releases chronic muscular tension, reduces blood pressure and relieves headaches.  [Read More] Massage therapists benefit greatly from continuing their education, learning new methods based on the latest discoveries in the field of massage therapy.  Explore our continuing education courses and expand your practice and knowledge.  [Read More]
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Friday Dec 9, 2016
Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation with Mark Biehl-Open to the Public   

Friday 6:30-8pm $20 in advance; $25 at door. No CE hours available. You are invited to experience a blissful journey of Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, chimes, indigenous flutes and keyboard atmospheres.  Also featuring Breathwork, Guided Reading and Group Chanting to enhance and direct your experience to a higher level.

Friday Dec 16, 2016
Advanced Face Massage - 4 CE hours $120   

Instructor: Sheri White, LMT, LE. Friday 6-10pm. This class teaches advanced massage techniques on the face that focus on lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling from sinus, relaxation, and face rejuvenation.  Face massage can release tension and stress in facial muscles and acupressure points create a relaxed peaceful state.  Add these new techniques to your full body massage or as a treatment alone. Students will leave knowing multiple techniques for a complete 30 minute facial massage.

Saturday Dec 17, 2016
Frozen Shoulder - 6 CE hours $150   

Instructor: Holly Pinto, BS, LMT, BCTMB; Saturday 9am-4pm. Using Myofascial Release techniques you will learn an in-depth treatment plan for frozen shoulder. Clients who present with frozen shoulder complain of a painful shoulder with significant restriction and loss of range of motion. Theories of frozen shoulder will be discussed as well as the causes and stages of frozen shoulder.

Sunday Dec 18, 2016
Meditation-Self-care for the Bodyworker   

8 CE hours; Instructor: Holly Pinto, BS, LMT, BCTMB. Sunday 9am-6pm - $200

Wednesday Dec 21, 2016
Piriformis Syndrome - Sciatics - 6 CE hrs $150   

Instructor: Holly Pinto, BS, LMT. BTCMB; Wednesday 9am-4pm. Piriformis Syndrome is a compression of the nerve by the piriformis muscle.  Students will learn in depth anatomy and physiology for the muscle itself, the nerves that are associated with the area around the piriformis and the bones on its attachments sites.  In addition, the function of the muscle as it relates to the hip and leg.  Students will learn assessment tools, a treatment plan with useful technique, self-care goals for the client, treatment frequency and expected outcome.

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