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Freeing and Integrating the Shoulder

This course is instructed by Dean Marson
It is 14CE hours with a fee of $395. 
Sat & Sun 9-5pm

Addressing the shoulders in a quality, systematic way is key to giving a great massage. Tension and dysfunction in the shoulders may cause or sustain poor posture patterns as well as causing stress in the neck and torso.

In this class we will explore specific techniques to assess the shoulder girdle and to release the patterns of tension. We also will remember the intimate relationship of the shoulders and neck as we address these areas of upper body tension with passive movement, specific detail work and the gentle, integrative Esalen Massage approach.

This class is open to all experienced Esalen and other Massage professionals.

To register for any CE classes, use the form on the CE page or contact Tamara Bivin by phone: Office 618-239-6400, Cell/Text 618-401-1656