Our mission at BTCSM...

To provide the highest quality massage therapy training and continuing education to prepare our students for professional licensure and a rewarding career in the field of body-centered therapies. Our goal is to instill within our students the highest level of professional integrity, confidence, skill, compassion, professionalism, personal development and to assist each student in becoming a skilled practitioner capable of meeting the ever-changing needs of their clients and community.

The BTCSM honors each student as an individual and designs its programs to take into account the different learning styles and ways those students take in and process information. Our programs are designed to be interactive in nature to allow the mind and body to learn simultaneously. Our students have the opportunity to further their personal development while becoming a professional massage therapist.


Academic Community Overview & Philosophy

BTCSM requires a system of order supportive of the school’s educational process. Primary responsibility for preserving this system of order rests upon the students and staff who make up the community. Students and staff accept responsibility for their own actions and values and recognize that these actions and values reflect upon the whole community. The community's recognition of individual rights is mirrored in the individual’s responsibility for the community’s wellbeing.

Students must conduct themselves with respect for others and thoughtful consideration for the needs of the academic community and society in general. The educational process depends upon honesty, integrity, and respect for knowledge. Action inconsistent with these principles is unacceptable.

The school honors academic freedom and the open exchange of ideas. Members of the BTCSM community are free to study and consider issues affecting the massage therapy profession. This freedom encompasses thoughtful examination of controversial issues and responsible expression of views.

BTCSM is committed to helping students develop strong personal ethics, moral standards, and constructive worldviews and to fostering broad personal growth, realizing that each individual has both the freedom and obligation to make ethical and moral choices and to accept the responsibilities of his/her actions.

BTCSM maintains a safe, productive learning environment and does not tolerate any violation of student rights.